Want to become a Wicked Fairies Girl?   
  Send me a press photo and your contact info via email.  If you don't have a WF shirt, I'll send you one of your choice (to keep) and a Model Release Form to sign.  Then shoot some hi -rez photos with you wearing the shirt (no nudity, 18 + older please) and send them back to me with the model release form and I'll post them.   Remember, your picture will be seen worldwide on the web and in print as I continue to spread WF.  I will provide a link to your modeling or photography site and any contact info you specify.  It's a great chance to promote yourself !
   If you'd like to appear as a WF model at a convention at the BaxaArt booth or table, let me know.

Carrie Johnson Jen
Model: Carrie Johnson   Model: Jen
Contact: www.myspace.com/missniamarie Contact: Her Myspace Page
Photography (and Copyright 2007):  Stephen Jensen, F3 Studios     www.f3studios.com Photography:  Mark A. Nelson
Styling: Karen Koenig    www.makeupbykarenkoenig.com  
Lissa Sheena
Model: Lissa  Model: Sheena 
Contact: www.myspace.com/me_lissa_d  Contact:
Photography:  Mark A. Nelson Photography:  Mark A. Nelson
Model: Sona Model: Vita DeVoid
Contact: Contact: www.myspace.com/fuckingsweetheart 
Photography:  T. Baxa Photography:  Waylon Ford

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