Thomas M. Baxa – Los Angeles, CA


Tired of that same old look in Concept Design?

Take a chance on a highly creative, seasoned illustrator!



Acquire contract work as a 2D artist whose responsibilities might include Concept art, illustration, storyboarding, or packaging/promotional art.


Highly creative illustrator w/strong traditional background in drawing + painting, both digitally and traditionaly, from concept to finishes.

24+ years of experience creating visually exciting and innovative characters and environments for the fantasy/scifi industry.  Able to follow art direction and handle high pressure deadlines.


1988-Present                 Freelance Illustrator            Los Angeles, CA


Freelance Fantasy Illustrator

Concept Design for Film:

     Amalgamated Dynamics (ADI) Fx House:  Character Designs for Alien vs Predator

     Sci Fi Channel:  Creature design for SciFi Original Alien Express

     Greg Cannom FX: Character Designs for Van Helsing

Concept Design for Video Games:

     Liquid Entertainment: characters for Dungeons & Dragons DragonShard game


Created hundreds of b+w and color illustrations for various RPG companies including:

     Wizards of the Coast:  Magic the Gathering CCG, Dungeons and Dragons, Dark Sun, Battletech CCG

     Blizzard/Activision:  World of Warcraft ccg

     Glu/Griptonite:  Age of Fate iOS game

     FASA:  Shadowrun, Earthdawn, and Battletech

     L5R:  Legends of the Five Rings CCG

     White Wolf:  Vampire, Werewolf, Demon, Arcadia +

     Dragon Magazine:  Cover Paintings, and interior illustrations 

     …and many more.  

Entertainment Advertising:

     Seiniger Advertising: Pencil + Marker comps for movie one sheets; video game packaging.

1999-2001                     Westwood Studios                          Irvine, CA       

Sr. Concept Artist 

Generate Concept Art for modelers

Painted illustrations for between mission load screens on PC title, NOX.

Textured and Modeled sprites for 2D NOX Expansion

Shipped titles: NOX, Nox Quest, Red Alert2, Yuri’s Revenge

1995-1999                      FASA Corporation                      Chicago, IL

Staff Illustrator

Created b+w drawings and color oil paintings for RPG game book interiors and covers for the

Battletech, Shadowrun and Earthdawn product lines.

Created card paintings for Shadowrun collector card game.

Did concept art for VOR, the Maelstrom miniatures game.