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Please help support the fantasy art industry by spreading the word!!  This page contains LINKS to assets you can use on your websites or social media to spread the news about "Get Work as a Fantasy Artist" and other BaxaArt Academy products, such as logos, banners, press releases, copy and paste text to use in emails and posts, and more.  If you don't see what you need, just email me.

   Use the Copy and Paste text and graphics in your posts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.  Email the news to your friends and business contacts.  Tell your community about it on your Website, Blog, Forums, List Serves.  Post a banner on your Links page.  Every bit helps.  Thanks!

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  Get Work as a Fantasy Artist ebook
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  Get Work as a Fantasy Artist ebook
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Tom Baxa, pro fantasy artist, just released an ebook called “Get Work as a Fantasy Artist” and it’s packed with insider strategies to help you get jobs!   Check it out at

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Tom Baxa, pro fantasy artist of Magic: the Gathering fame, just released an awesome ebook on ways to get jobs as a fantasy illustrator.  Check it out: 

“Get Work as a Fantasy Artist” ebook

Insider Strategies from an Industry Pro


Do you want to MAKE MONEY as a Fantasy Illustrator?  If so, this ebook will change your life! 


“Get Work as a Fantasy Artist” reveals proven strategies that will laser focus your efforts in the right direction to help you get jobs!


Everything to Guide you to a Successful Art Career

·         How to build an effective portfolio

·         How to find fantasy art job opportunities

·         How to solicit companies

·         What Art Directors are looking for – and why they’ll hire YOU!

·         BONUSES if you act now!

·         And much, much more.


Get an edge over your competition!  Click the link and claim your future as a freelance fantasy art professional! 


EXCERPTS from the ebook

Excerpt 01: Creating Images That Catch an Art Director’s Eye


Get Work ebook Press Release


Art Order Blog: Portfolio Reviews Success Mindset

Under Construction: Stay tuned for more





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