BAXA Signings and Appearances 2018

I'm excited about the great cons and GPs this year!   I'll have Original Art, Prints, Tokens, APs, Playmats, and more with me!  See you there.  More info and links as event approaches.
GP Santa Clara  January 5-7, 2018, Santa Clara, CA.  Come to Cali where it's nice and warm!  New Token Cards + Blightning Playmat!!
GP Houston January 26-28, 2018,  Houston, TX.  My good buddy, Mark Nelson will be there too - and more artists.
GP Phoenix March 16-18, 2018,  Phoenix, AZ.   Randy Gallegos will be there too - and more!
GP Vegas June 14-17, 2018,  Las Vegas NV.  -- 4 Days mega MTG event!  Prints, Playmats, Oils, altered APs, and more. 30 Artists!
GP Los Angeles Aug. 17-19, 2018, Los Angeles, CA  -- My home town - LA!

GP Detroit  Sept. 7-7,2018, Detroit, MI.  

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Featured Painting: "Slugmouth"


It opened it's mouth and green slugs squirmed!  Oil on board, 8x10. See the BaxaArt Artwork Page for the art and prints (click on 8x10 Paintings banner).

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