Check out my new instructional dvd published by Gnomon Workshop, the leader in how-to videos.  This piece was painted and filmed in the studio at the Gnomon School of Visual Effects in Hollywood, CA. 

In this video, you can watch me paint and get a feel for how I blend colors and build form on the canvas.  As I paint, I discuss some of the things I think about when planning a painting to make it dramatic, dynamic, and energetic such as: creating focal points with light, color, compositional elements; implying motion with body poses and directional strokes, being aware of multiple light sources and how they affect form and color; etc.  There's lots here for painters of all levels!

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Tom Baxa’s paintings are known for their energy and dramatic feel. His characters are powerfully gruesome and crackle with an ‘in your face’ threat that is menacing and captivating at the same time. This kind of tension and drama is achieved through various design and color choices. In this DVD, you can watch Baxa create an oil painting from a prepared sketch as he discusses the key elements that create drama and action in his work. His lecture focuses on composition, lighting, color, character design, energy of stroke and more, as well as a discussion of his favorite materials and his painting techniques.


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