Maelstrom Wanderer Playmat

Maelstrom Wanderer Official Playmat, Magic: the Gathering

Limited Edition of 250, signed and numbered     $50 + sh (added in cart)

 Officially licensed Magic: the Gathering playmat featuring artwork from the “Maelstrom Wanderer” card, originally released in the “Planechase 2” set.  Artwork by Magic: the Gathering artist, Thomas M. Baxa.   

Limited Edition of 250 playmats, signed and numbered by the artist.  When this print run is sold out, no more mats will be produced by me.  Prices have already increased since the initial preorder offering, and will continue to do so as the print run sells out.  Get yours now. 

ORDER THIS ITEM NOW and beat the demand.  Maelstrom Wanderer is a very popular, heavily played, kick-butt commander in EDH.  These high-quality playmats are manufactured by UltraPro® and shipping now.  You can only get them from me. 

Maelstrom Wanderer Playmat + Artist Proof

4 Left !!  (Limit to 20 )    $100 + sh (added in cart)

ORDER THIS COMBO NOW.  Receive a signed and numbered playmat from the Limited Edition above, PLUS a signed Artist Proof card of Maelstrom Wanderer from Planechase Anthology.  Only 50 APs exist. 


$50 + sh
$100 + sh


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