MAGIC Artist Proofs $10 ea. 
(unless otherwise noted) 
Prices are based on popularity and how many cards I have left.
Artist Proofs, or "white backs" are special promotional cards that have the normal card imagery on the front, but nothing printed on the back Artists are given 50 of each of the cards we do, and you can only get them from the artists.  
Add an Original Sketch or have your APs Altered by Baxa here: ALTERED MAGIC CARDS

Ways to Order APs

Each image you view on has pricing information for the sale of the Original Painting, the Pencil Sketch, Artist Proofs and Prints.  Click the Add to Cart button for AP -- OR -- Order from the list below



1.  ONE "Add to Cart" button for ENTIRE order
In order to avoid using massive numbers of "Add to Cart" buttons on this page, there is only ONE button, which will add ONE $10.00 item to the cart.
2.  Total up the price of ALL the cards you want
To order ANY number of ANY cards, simply total up the price of ALL the cards you wish to order, then click the "Add to Cart" button.
3.  Change the QUANTITY in Paypal shopping cart
When your shopping cart appears, CHANGE THE QUANTITY that matches your total price. (see example below)
4.  ADD A NOTE in checkout listing APs you want and how many of each
When you go through the PayPal checkout process, you will be prompted to send a note along with your order. In the note, type in the cards you are ordering and the quantity of each.


You want to purchase 3 $10.00 cards, a $20.00 card, and a $60.00 card. That is a total of $110.00, so you would click the "Add to Cart" button once, then CHANGE THE QUANTITY to 11 (11 x $10.00 = $110.00 total cost).  Shipping will be added at checkout.
Then during checkout, TYPE THE NAMES AND QUANTITIES OF THE CARDS YOU WANT, in the Note Box: 3-Plunder, 1-Quagnoth, 1-Maelstrom Wanderer.
EMAIL ME with Questions





Add an Original Sketch or have your APs Altered!.  See the ALTERED MAGIC CARDS page.

Magic Proofs are $ 10.00 each unless otherwise noted

Lobotomy (sold out) Dripping Dead Calvary Master
Shocker (sold out) Synapse Sliver(sold out) Ground Rift
Safeguard (sold out) Smokespew Invoker Tolarian Sentinel
Time Ebb  Havoc Demon (sold out) Vampiric Sliver (5left) $30
Telethopter (sold out) SCOURGE Swarmyard (sold out)
STRONGHOLD Zombie Cutthroat Plunder
Corrupting Licid (sold out) Riptide Survivor PLANAR CHAOS
Dauthi Trapper Torrent of Fire Bog Serpent
EXODUS Wirewood Symbiote 7left $50 Imp's Mischief $30
Spellshock (sold out) 8th EDITION Magus of the Arena
Dizzying Gaze Hunted Wumpus Mantle of Leadership
Pit Spawn (sold out) Elvish Pioneer FUTURE SIGHT
Electryte Duplicant (sold out) 10th EDITION
Vampiric Embrace Contaminate Bond Relentless Rats (sold out)
Hidden Spider Krark Clan Grunt SHADOWMOOR
Torch Song Krark Clan Shaman Gloomwidow's Feast
Tainted Ether Scrabbling Claws $30 Juvenile Gloomwidow
URZA'S DESTINY Spoils of the Vault Kinscaer Harpoonist
Blizzard Elemental DARK STEEL Witherscale Wurm
Mark of Fury Death Mask Duplicant $20 Old Ghastbark
Reliquary Monk Wand of the Elements EVENTIDE
Telepathic Spies FIFTH DAWN Creakwood Ghoul
INVASION Relentless Rats (sold out) Hateflayer $20
Tsabo's Decree (6 left) $20 Ouphe Vandals Noogle Bridgebreaker
PLANESHIFT Devour In Shadow Swirling Spriggan
APOCALYPSE Akki Underminier Dreg Reaver
Suppress (sold out) Bloodthirsty Ogre Resounding Scream
ODYSSEY Scuttling Death Blightning (sold out)
Face of Fear SoilShaper CONFLUX
Zombie Infestation (sold out) Shinka, Bloodsoaked Keep Brackwater Elemental
TORMENT Gnat Miser Demonic Dread $30
Churning Eddy Skull Collector Necromancer's Covenant
JUDGMENT Spirit of the Tended Garden Identity Crisis $20
Filth $30 UNHINDGED 2010-11th EDITION
Wormfang Drake Badass(sold out) Entangling Vines
Dwarven Scorcher Frankie Peanuts ZENDIKAR
Soulless One (sold out)  Blood Funnel M12 EDITION
Gluttonous Zombie Golgari Germination Zombie Infestation $20
Rotlung Reanimator(sold out) Last Gasp MODERN MASTERS
Spined Basher DISSENSION Festering Goblin (MM) $20
Festering Goblin (sold out) Vesper Ghoul PLANECHASE 2
Thrashing Mudspawn Cytoplast Root-Kin $20 Maelstrom Wanderer (4 left)$125
Oversold Cemetery (out) COLDSNAP PLANECHASE Anthology 2016
Disciple of Grace Scrying Sheets (sold out) Maelstrom Wanderer $80
Nosy Goblin Freyalise's Influence  



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